SevenDays - Weekly Plan App Reviews

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Not good

Keeps shutting down upon opening.


I was looking for a simple planning calendar that does not sync with other calendars and this is perfect. I use it for planning my week for workouts and school work. Very few bells and whistles just simple and to the point.


Woah, this app is exactly what I've envisioned since I've been on my journey to find a task management app that pleases me. The format and interface are both simple and easy to use. The app itself is beautiful, and leads to no confusion for non-savvy computer users. However, it has a few flaws: 1.) There is no difference between the paid version and unpaid, so I'm taking that in stride and just offering that as a donation. (Please implement the following!) 2.) There is no way to set reoccurring tasks, even in the same week. 3.) There is no way to set a task past 1 week. 3.) There is no reminder system. 4.) There is no sub-category option(s). 5.) There is no notes section. This app will primarily be used just as its meant to be, a weekly agenda. Short and sweet. I intend to purge through my huge master to-do list that links to my notes on Sundays, and make a tentative weekly schedule. I'll strike-through tasks on my master to-do list as I finish tasks and I'll use my notes app if they are needed.

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